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Guys like Tom Brady proved that NFL scouts shouldn’t blindly follow projections and whatnot.

There are some things that simply cannot be measured in charts or scouting combines, and Brock Purdy is also living proof of that.

The former Mr. Irrelevant is now just one win away from being a Super Bowl champion.

Nonetheless, people continue to hold his draft position against him, questioning him and not giving him any sort of credit for what his team has been able to do since he took over.

That’s why Niners legend Joe Montana shared a blunt take on this situation, having his colleague’s back and arguing that people are looking at things the wrong way (via 49ers on NBC Sports):

“Don’t second-guess him, second-guess the draft. He’s proof, [Tom] Brady’s proof they haven’t figured out how to draft. What’s important, what isn’t important. Because you just don’t know who’s going to make that transition. I don’t know why people are second-guessing him,” Montana told Rich Eisen.

Per the legendary quarterback, people shouldn’t question Purdy; they should question the draft and its process.

We’ve seen more first-round picks and highly-coveted quarterback prospects turn out to be busts than actually legendary players.

What about JaMarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, or even more recently, Josh Rosen or Mitch Trubisky?

People don’t question the draft and where they are selected; they just blame them for not being able to live up to a certain standard.

So, why can’t fans celebrate a player who actually manages to beat the odds, make history, and surpass every single expectation about his career?

NFL scouts thought Purdy would never throw a single pass in the NFL.

Now, he’s about to get paid and has already made it further than most players do in their entire careers.

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