Israel’s military released footage of what it said showed Hamas members “forcibly transporting hostages” through al-Shifa Hospital on Oct. 7, citing the video as proof that Hamas used the hospital “on the day of the massacre as terrorist infrastructure.” A Hamas official said that giving medical treatment to prisoners amount to “points in our favor” and said some had been wounded by Israeli airstrikes. The Washington Post could not independently verify when the videos were taken or who the people in them were. In northern Gaza, the director of Indonesian Hospital said his facility was bombarded early Monday and that Israeli tanks were surrounding the hospital. Israel Defense Forces did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Israel maintains that Hamas uses the hospitals as cover for its activities and infrastructure, which Hamas and doctors deny. At least 26 of the premature Palestinian babies who were at risk of dying after Gaza’s al-Shifa Hospital ran out of fuel for their incubators arrived in Egypt in an evacuation mission led by the World Health Organization.



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